The First Community Driven Token.

StellarForge Token aspires to be more than just a digital asset it aims to empower users, foster creativity, and contribute to a sustainable and thriving blockchain ecosystem. By providing utility, governance, StellarForge Token invites users to embark on a journey where the possibilities are as limitless as the cosmos. We are Coming Soon with new UI interface/Beta.......

Community-Centric Approach
StellarForge places a strong emphasis on community involvement and participation. Through decentralized governance mechanisms, users have a voice in shaping the future direction of the platform.
XSF Foundation
Interoperability with Social Platforms
StellarForge is designed to be interoperable with existing social platforms and networks, facilitating seamless integration and adoption. By integrating StellarForge tokens into social platforms, communities can unlock new features, monetization opportunities, and engagement mechanisms for their users.
XSF Finance
Tokenized Influence
StellarForge enables individuals to leverage their influence within social networks through token ownership. Holding StellarForge tokens may confer certain privileges or recognition within the community, allowing users to amplify their impact and visibility.
Reach The Stars
Getting Stellar Forge To the Moon and Beyond Neptune To Expand and Experience Universe.
Contract Address: 0x93EEedf7CFb4fD17b2CED5DeA7c89eBBADEc4648

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

Recognizing the importance of environmental sustainability, StellarForge is committed to minimizing its carbon footprint and promoting eco-friendly practices. Here is an extra Place that the community can vote on...

"As a social token, StellarForge plays a unique role in fostering community cohesion, rewarding participation, and enabling value exchange within social networks. Its integration with decentralized governance and interoperability with existing platforms position it as a powerful tool for empowering communities and creators in the digital age."

Tax & Fee

2% is Liquidity and 1% For Marketing

Supply/Free Supply

Free Supply For Rewards & More..

Team's Tokens

For Development of Ecosystem


We offer Eco Friendly Roadmap to Build a Community in Governance of Stellar Forge(XSF)

Stellar Forge (XSF) is utility Governance Token that would play crucial role in groundbreaking of technology. The innovative perspective of platform would be fully decentralized after launching of our own eco friendly applications. We are currently developing our platfomr. We have plan to launch our own network and NFTs with AI implementation.


Fair Launch of Token and Website with community Channel on TG. Development of Beta, Marketing Strategies and more.....

Q1: 2025

Beta and NFTs. Performance & Audit reports till Q3 of 2025. Campaigns , achiev a target of 10K+ holders


Alpha lauch, strategic actions. CMC, CG and T2 CEX Listings.

Q2: 2026

DAO strategies and AI integrations. Marketing to achieve a goal of 50,000+..... AI Wallet, Staking and fully functional applications.


Mega Partnerships with Mega groups, T1 Listings and provide holders governance rewards.

Q4:2026 To Q4: 2027

Practicing of Next- Gen AI based applications, marketing, rewards. Participating in Charity initiatives to support innovations and ideas. More announcements would be published timely.......

The Unique Ecosystem and innovative apps

Currently XSF have total supply of 1B Tokens, we have plans to burn a specific supply after partnerships with various groups. Become our partner in the groundbreaking AI based project that would be paid back to you with more rewards. The system is under development. We are focused on transparency and community driven based ideas. The community can play a role to participate in the development of system.

XSF AI Foundation
By joining the XSF ecosystem, the foundation would responsible to integrate new innovative ideas in the exising ecosystem. Announcement of Conferences and Bug Bounty Programs. we launch a new ecosystem that is purely rely on community and community governnce. The main goal of XSF is to play role in innovations. Don't miss the opportunity in innovation development.
Charity Initiaves
Objectives of Charity
Charity plans would be initiated after fully development of ecosystem and polls of community. we are more focused to develop effective community building.....
Why Us?
A goal-oriented Team
XSF Foundation consists of almost 7 professionals. The team is anonymous. The transparency,community driven initiatives & a clear roadmap to develop ecosystem showing the commitment and dedication of Team. Therefore, ignore any doubts to join our ecosystem as earlier as you can. We would go to Mars to Neptune........ .

We love our partners

We Offer A Flexible Partnership
XSF foundation is a new project for long term investment. We are dedicated to achieve our goals to reward our partners and holders. Meanwhile our development team focussing on quality,competitive & unique products.Our vibrant and passionate community is at the heart of Stellar Forge Ecosystem. We are a diverse group of individuals, developers, and blockchain enthusiasts who share a common vision of creating a feeless and sustainable blockchain ecosystem. Join us in our Telegram group, follow us on social media, and connect with like-minded community members from around the world. Together, we are driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and shaping the future of decentralized technology. Be part of our community, share your ideas, and join the movement that is revolutionizing the way we transact, collaborate, and build a sustainable future in the world of blockchain.